#whatflood – a young man’s perspective

Leaders aren’t born, they’re created.  And with the recent flooding in south Louisiana, leaders of all ages have stepped forward to encourage and motivate our people to stay strong.  #louisianastrong

This week while working in flood devastated areas I had the privilege of getting to know (better) Larson Fontenot a young man who’s recent experiences read like something out of a movie.

He’s a handsome and intelligent young man full of promise, a starter wide receiver for the St. Amant Gators and a senior in high school, whose world was rocked in the past few weeks when his home, his mother’s business, his high school and 85% of his teammates homes were destroyed in the 1000 Year Flood that hit Baton Rouge and surrounding areas.

Over the past few weeks, even after facing severe personal loss of all of his personal possessions, his family home, his school and normal life, he rallied his fellow players and they came out strong.

With borrowed equipment, a borrowed field, and a lack of proper preparation due to the circumstances, he led his team to the first win of the season with a 31-6 victory!

#whatflood is his mantra for pushing forward, and he’s using it to encourage everyone around him.

OK, we know there was a storm… and it was devastating.  But #whatflood encourages families hit hard by the flooding to focus on their personal goals, visions and dreams and to not give up on what they really want.

Larson’s not giving up.  He loves football, and needs a college scholarship … and he’s going to study hard, play hard and work to lead his team to a winning season despite all the odds.

To see this story and more encouraging stories about the Louisiana people’s recovery, join the Public Group on Facebook – LOUISIANA FLOOD FORWARD or follow the hashtag #lafloodforward.

And no matter what you’re going thru, or how your history reads, remember #whatflood!  And never give up!

#lafloodforward #louisianastrong #whatflood


Larson, his brothers McKade and Jaron, and his parents Troy & Cheryl Fontenot are living in a temporary home while their house is renovated and their lives restored.


“Everyone thought we weren’t gonna have a football season, and everyone thought that St. Amant wouldn’t be good… I mean, we got talent, they just didn’t think we had enough preparation for this game, and we went out and proved it 31-6, a victory … and we couldn’t even play at our home field, because it got flooded too … so we went over there and took it home for our city and our people.” – Larson Fontenot

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