Childlike vs. Childish

Last night curled up on the couch with my little adopted cat Beau, I was reminded of an important life truth.  Innocence is powerful and beautiful.

We were gone for a few days for the holidays, so this was our first chance to really cozy up after my return.  The authentic trust and love and beauty that little guy had in his face when he looked up at me last night was simply breathtaking.

Our world feels dark right now.  People are hurting people, acting out and appear to be losing respect for themselves and other living beings.  Our natural environment is suffering because of our greed and consumerism.  Our families are distracted with 1st world problems and technology, and divorce and abuse are much too common.

But, what can be done?  xmas-child

Looking into his little furry face last night I was reminded how beautiful innocence is.  The pure have a power that transcends depression, greed and hate.

This holiday season instead of spending money, I’m going to spend time.  I’m going to go to museums and gardens.  I’m going to make time to “play.”  I’m going to really listen to the Christmas songs, stare at the lights, drink loads of egg nog and remember the Love that never gives up on us.

I’m going to rekindle my own sense of awe.  Remember what it felt like before disappointment, disillusionment and disorder seemed to win.  I’m going to imagine how it would feel if there was no history of abuse or betrayal in my life.

It may be just a flicker, but I will find my own childlike love again.  And I will continue to work to rein in my own childish behavior.  That’s my Christmas gift to me, and to a world hungry for something beautiful.  Join me?  I can’t wait to see you shine.

Sincerely, Shanna




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